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Black and white, folk songs and new outfit.


Oh Orpheus

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Because there's nothing like home, I decided -again- to take the train to my dear childhood home. Don't know if you heard about normandy (in France) but a legend says Normandy will always be green even during summer cause it's rainy and fresh all year long. Well, that's kinda right. Anyway, I love it. Even more now it's been 5 years since I live in Paris. Here are some pictures of my new outfit mix with some landscapes.



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Hi there. Hope you all had a wonderfull christmas. Feeling a lil' bit sick today. Got the flu or something. But staying in bed with nothing to do is quite a good thing after these few past days of running everywhere to find gifts and travelling back to family. Basically, today is only about watching cheesy movies and listening to music.

selfie of the day ---> 

It's a small small small world.

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Because it's Christmas time and I love magic. Me and my lover decided to go one day to Disneyland Paris. Because at this time of the year it's all so magic et wonderfull. No doubts, no fears, no tears, no worries. Just having fun and enjoying the time we had. It wasn't that crowded but kinda cold. Anyway, it was a PERFECT day. (I'm in love with those Mickey mouse ears wich are ligthen up in so different colours. I was 5 yo again.)

Another brick in the wall.

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Like usual, it's been a long time since I published here ! Stuff was going home and it seems i've been pretty busy but here I come again (yepiyeah).
First, merry christmas; second, I just realized that i didn't post anyhting since I tainted my hair (actually, it's blue and pink right now, everybody's calling me "my little poney" but I don't care, I love unicorns :

Secondly : I won't talk about Beyoncé new album because other people do it better than me but here are my two favorite songs right now. In my mood during breakfast, lunch and diner.

And like I told you before, my latest look with my unicorn hairs. Like or hate, I don't really care. Yeap. And to not forget something. I really wish you a merry christmas and hope you enjoyed/are enjoying your family.
Lot of love. 

PS : place de la Concorde at dusk :

Göteborg : min älskling

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Hi there ! 
Do you want to live something magic ? so, then, you should go to Sweden ! Especially, to Gôteborg. The second biggest city in Sweden; and yet, you can do everything by just biking or walking or taking the tram. It's way more entertaining then her big sister Stockholm. Way more younger, lot of bars and trust me, lot of people very welcoming. You don't feel lonely when you go to Göteborg. And if you get lost, which I did,  a person very smily will answer to you. I spent 5 days there -and i so wanted to stay more days- but yeah, it felt good, just like home. Especially when you're on Göteborg during the Way Out West festival : certainly one of the most beautiful festival in Europe.I stayed in a hostel and I met all those wonderfull persons : swedish, spanish, english, american, canadian. Thinking about it, I never spent an evening alone (and sober).
Here comes some pictures (Göteborg, people I met and Way Out West) taken by camera and phone via instagram.

Yes, James Blakes was looking at me