Göteborg : min älskling

Hi there ! 
Do you want to live something magic ? so, then, you should go to Sweden ! Especially, to Gôteborg. The second biggest city in Sweden; and yet, you can do everything by just biking or walking or taking the tram. It's way more entertaining then her big sister Stockholm. Way more younger, lot of bars and trust me, lot of people very welcoming. You don't feel lonely when you go to Göteborg. And if you get lost, which I did,  a person very smily will answer to you. I spent 5 days there -and i so wanted to stay more days- but yeah, it felt good, just like home. Especially when you're on Göteborg during the Way Out West festival : certainly one of the most beautiful festival in Europe.I stayed in a hostel and I met all those wonderfull persons : swedish, spanish, english, american, canadian. Thinking about it, I never spent an evening alone (and sober).
Here comes some pictures (Göteborg, people I met and Way Out West) taken by camera and phone via instagram.

Yes, James Blakes was looking at me

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