It's been a long time so, yes, sorry for the few who came here but I've been quite busy ! 
But I decided to put more time and more of my work here. Actually, I kinda missed it ! 
So, I'm quite still the same. Still obsessed with music, retro culture and this stuff. 
I also decided I'll put a playlist here, maybe once a week (well, I'm still working on it).
Anyway : this is my last pictures taken last week because YEAH I'M ON HOLIDAYS. And I'm going to Sweden in two days, IM SUPER EXCITED. You wanna come with me ? :).

These following pictures were taken somewhere near my parents place, in the Normandy countryside. I just put some earphones on, took my bycicle and got lost myself in a forest where I've never been :


My new style : the whole outfit : HERE


And the new Au Revoir Simone's video : 

<3 Kisskisslovelove <3

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